The famous words of Ty Webb in the classic movie Caddyshack were never more appropriate.  Middletown Country Club will reopen the golf course beginning tomorrow morning (Saturday, March 15th) at 7:45 AM.  Carts will be allowed but MUST stay on the cart paths where provided and the rough where paths are not available.  There are a few small areas where some snow and ice are present in a few fairway spots, and we ask that carts remain away from those areas also.  All 18 greens are open as well as all teeing grounds.  Like the entire area, we have suffered from tree limb damage during the snow and ice storms.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and we apologize for the downed limbs that we are in the process of cleaning up.  This process began even while the course was covered with snow in areas of the course that we could get to.  As always, we look forward to seeing everyone back on the course as we finally kick off the 2014 season.  Hacker’s Pub and Grill will be open as normal with all of the NCAA basketball conference championship games and the PGA Tour on our six flatscreen plasma televisions.